About Us

ITCSD Background



Our Mission

  • Create National IT image by cooperating with international CERT for cyber security and Cyber crime
  • Disseminate Security Information and Advisories
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Cooperate with law enforcement organizations for cyber crime

mmCERT Background

Myanmar Computer Emergency Response Team (mmCERT) was formed by e-National Task Force on 23 July 2004. mmCERT/cc was launched by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology on 15 December 2010.

mmCERT, a national CERT in Myanmar is a non-profit organization for dealing with cyber security incidents across an organization. Besides doing incident handling mmCERT also works to increase public awareness in security with the various ways of resources sharing to our community. And it intends to provide cyber security advice to Myanmar Internet users to prevent Internet based attacks.

Hence mmCERT/cc aims to serve as a repository for incident as well as a coordinator of incident response across an organization. This coordination extends outside the organization to include collaboration with other CERT/CSIRT teams, security experts, and law enforcement agencies in local and global.

International Cooperations

  • General Member of APCERT since 2011
  • Member of Tsubame Project since 2011